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authorize_netA great e-commerce business requires a great online payment solution. You need your money, and you need it fast. You don’t have time to spend hours on the phone with your merchant provider trying to solve an issue. And you certainly don’t need to be paying high costs for the ability to accept credit cards.

Capital Merchant Solutions understands online merchants. We have helped over 30,000 clients accept credit card payments over the span of fifteen years. Authorize.net has been our preferred payment gateway for over a decade, and we are proud to be able to offer their service at no cost to you when you process cards through CMS’ low cost merchant account solution.

We stand by our service 100%, and look forward to taking your growing business to the next level. Whether you have only been processing for a short time, or have been around for decades, CMS can help you find the perfect payment solution for your needs.

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Authorize.net Features


Supports batch uploading of Excel and .CSV files for easy processing. Uploading batch files is simple via Authorize.net’s easy to use web interface.


From the moment you start accepting payments, your transaction data will be stored on our secured server for instant, 24/7 access. View customer information, transaction amounts, and time stamps for easy record keeping.


No matter how you collect payments, either by phone, in person, or through the internet, you will have an easy to use virtual terminal to quickly process the transaction through any web-enabled device. There is no software to install or keep updated. Authorize.net is customizable, so it can be tailored to your specific needs.


Your merchant account and Authorize.net gateway will work with all of the leading shopping cart packages. Authorize.net has been recognized as a leader in credit card payment gateways the major industry players, and you will enjoy a seamless integration experience by using us to process credit card transactions.


Need shopping cart integration? We have you covered. Provide a seamless experience for your customer when accepting credit card payments. Authorize.net’s API is easy to implement, user friendly, and is available upon request.


Make accounting easier by importing your transaction data into your Quickbooks by Intuit software. Data can be saved as an .IIF file for maximum compatibility.

Don’t get hit with charges out of the blue. CMS provides
clear and transparent rates and fees.

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All-Inclusive Pricing Plan

$35/Month Interchange + .20%
  • $0.25 per transaction
  • NO Application Fee
  • NO Annual Fee
  • NO Monthly Gateway Fee
  • NO Monthly Minimum
  • NO PCI Fee

What is Interchange?

Understanding Interchange is as easy as 1-2-3

rates-1We are charged for every single card you run. All cards have their own cost associated with them set by the card companies.

rates-2With our interchange program, you simply pay the cost of the card plus a small .20% markup on each transaction*. You don’t have to worry about downgrades or tiered rate structures.

rates-3Watch your savings grow. Our average merchant saves 15-20% by using an interchange program versus a standard tiered rate plan.

Learn More about Interchange

Interchange is the actual cost that card companies charge to merchant providers for all transactions that are processed. We are charged a fee by the bank that issued the credit card. This industry-wide processing fee is called the interchange cost. There are over 100 different Interchange categories referred to as buckets. Every time a card is processed, a decision is made as to which one of these buckets the transaction will fall into. The determining factors are the designation of the card itself (MasterCard/Visa, Debit/Credit, or Consumer/Business, etc.), and the method in which it was accepted (swiped, key entered, or e-commerce). Once all of this data is known, the card is assigned to the correct interchange category.

Interchange buckets have tied to them both a percentage cost plus a transaction fee. With most merchant accounts, all transactions are broken down into three different tiers (Qualified, Mid-Qualified, Non-Qualified). With our interchange program, the merchant simply pays the interchange cost of the particular card, plus a small markup to cover risk, maintenance, and regular business expenses.

*Also charged are what is known in the industry as Association Dues, Fees, Assessments, and FANF. These fees are usually minimal, and are passed along to every merchant at our wholesale cost. No matter which provider or pricing plan you choose, you will always have to pay Dues, Fees, Assessments and FANF in some form, no exceptions. The vast majority of clients save money using an interchange program; let us show you why it is the most economical option for your business.

If you are an existing merchant already processing high volume, please feel free to contact us to work out a custom pricing plan. We can be reached by phone at 877.495.2419, or via e-mail.


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